Why do we sleep? It’s Not Because We’re Tired


Sleep made our ancestors vulnerable to attacks by wild animals. Sleep is what makes ‘Nobita’ stand outside his class. Despite such potential risks involved, we along with almost all other organisms in the world waste one-third of our lives sleeping! Wasting? Is it?
Human body is designed in a way that nothing happens in it without a suitable reason. So what is the reason behind sleeping? Why does it make us feel refreshed? Why can we die if we do not sleep? Yes, we can die in 11 days without this universal act!

Sleep:- Brain’s Garbage Disposal Time

We all know how blood vessels supply nutrients and oxygen to all the organs of our body to produce energy. This energy making process generates an enormous amount of metabolic (chemical) waste which gets gathered in between cell spaces. Our blood vessels cannot collect this waste. So who does?
The Lymphatic system. This is a parallel system of vessels which is responsible to collect this waste and dump it into the blood vessels. And then, this waste is filtered in our kidney. But there are no lymph vessels in the head? How does brain get rid of all the waste it generates all day long? The answer, obviously, is sleep. How, you ask? Here is your answer:

If you want more reasons to sleep (i.e. if you’re a parent, and your child sleeps his life away) here is another fact for you: lack of sleep can cause weight gain of 2 pounds (0.9 kg) in under a week. Also, Dalai Lama said “Sleep is the best meditation.” So your child is meditating the whole day. Let them sleep.

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