With you, may the force be.

There are four fundamental forces, which scientists haven’t been able to explain. Well they’ve tried a lot. Introducing particles smaller than can be practically observed ever. Well not ever, but whatever.

They are:-

Electromagnetic:- The one which is currently enabling you to use your device and read this article. Electricity, motors, everything. This one is the best explained force, and hence it is safely taught at school. Remember Fleming’s left hand rule and right hand rule and all that? Yes this is related to that. Sorry for bringing up any sour memories, if I did.

Gravitational:- The one is because of which you’re sitting/lying. You lazy ass. The one with the infamous incident of the apple falling on the Newton’s head and NOT KILLING HIM. This force is not at all well explained. We just know there’s gravity, we don’t know why. There’s no explanation as to why huge masses pull us toward them. None. But well you’d probably mock someone who’d ask this question in class,”Ma’am why does gravity exist?” won’t you.

Strong Nuclear:- The one which holds the protons together inside the Nucleus of an Atom, even when they repel each other because of the same charge. Kinda like that invisible force that makes you want to stay with your family even when you literally hate them. Explained by theories of sub-subatomic particles called quarks, leptons and bosons.

Weak Nuclear:- The one responsible for radioactive decay (when a proton or neutron leaves the nucleus). Kinda like the big fights in a big family ending in, “Ma, mai ghar chodke ja raha hu” and suddenly Jaya Bhaduri is crying and Shah Rukh is leaving, and the song plays “Tere saath hongi meri duayein, aayein kabhi na tujhpe koi banayein”

And now the showstopper. Ladies and gentlemen. THE FIFTH FORCE!

Scientists have this urge to explain the whole universe. Why does everything happen the way it happens. And a part of our universe is space. Scientists suppose that much of outer space is covered with something that doesn’t react to anything, except that it bends light around it when it is in a high concentration, and interacts with gravity. They call it dark matter. Recently a Hungarian experiment fired high-energy beams of protons at lithium-7, and in the fall-out spotted the energy signature of a new super-light subatomic particle.

This new subatomic particle, they concluded, was a type of boson that was 30 times heavier than an electron, which is not expected in any case. It was seen that this particle doesn’t interact with light. It is suspected to be what constitutes dark matter. If so then this could explain a great deal about our universe, including the answer to questions like “Why is the universe expanding.”

Watch this awesome video for more insight. Comments are always invited.

The Fifth Force Of Nature – The Dark Side Of The Force
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