They tell you less about gravity at school than they talk about sex. Well, your saviour has arrived.

Why does gravity even exist?

It doesn’t. According to Einstein, Gravity is just an illusion caused by mass bending the curvature of spacetime. There is a whole world of beautiful math behind it which you can’t fathom to touch at this level, but it all works out for good.

And as fascinating that video is, it’s hard to imagine that happening without gravity pulling that heavy weight downwards. Matter distorts the fabric of space-time in a similar fashion, but without any force underlying it. How, you ask? Well you’ll need a degree to answer that question, but if you really want an intuition, watch the PBS Spacetime playlist on general relativity here.  But don’t worry we have a small guide by LondonCityGirl right below.

Okay, now that we somewhat have an idea about relativity, let’s jump to another important question. We all know that a black hole has so large a gravity that not even light can escape it. But we also know that photons have no mass right, then why does light bend by anything at all? The following video tries to explain this.

Gravitational Waves

Once you’ve seen that, another question strikes. Everything in our universe has a dual nature. What’s a wave must also be a particle. But are gravitational waves particles too? Scientists aren’t too sure about that, though they think they might have observed a “graviton” in the Large Hadron Collider. A gravitational wave is not an electromagnetic wave, and the dual nature that we observe is mostly in those, which makes us wonder if a graviton is the answer to the long unsolved discrepancy in relating the quantum model and relativity. It was so longed an answer that it completely broke down physics. Then scientists came up with a new theory of everything.