Is Cell Tower Radiation Harmful?

Mobile phones are the symbol of Information Age. They have bought our world closer and have put a vast array of data in the palm of our hands. This is all possible by the use of electromagnetic waves ( radio waves).  EM waves are with us all the time whether it is our mobile phone or Wi-Fi. So are EM waves harmful to us?What are there side-effects? This is what we will try find us in this post.

Side-effects of the EM radiation

Harmful side-effects are said to be Human Brain, Cancer, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and Male fertility. We will now discuss them one-by one.

Effects on Human brain

A 2010 review stated that  there is no experimental evidence on the effect of non-thermal radio frequencies on blood-brain barrier but noted that research on low-frequency effects and effects in humans was sparse. A 2012 study of low-frequency radiation on humans found there was  no evidence of effects of short-term mobile phone radiation on cerebral blood flow. Hence we can safely say that we don’t know for sure whether EM waves affect the brain or not.


The United States National Cancer Institute points out that “Radio frequency energy, unlike ionizing radiation, does not cause DNA damage that can lead to cancer. Its only consistently observed biological effect in humans is tissue heating.  The majority of human studies have failed to find a link between cell phone use and cancer. In 2011 a World Health Organization working group classified cell phone use as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.There is no strong or consistent evidence that mobile phone use increases the risk of getting brain cancer or other head tumours.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Some users of mobile phones and similar devices have reported feeling various non-specific symptoms during and after use. Studies have failed to link any of these symptoms to electromagnetic exposure. In addition, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is not a recognized medical diagnosis.

“Radio Frequency electromagnetic field exposure and non-specific symptoms of ill-health.” Martin Röösli(June 2008).

Male fertility

Male sperm quality has declined over several decades. Studies on the impact of mobile radiation on male fertility are conflicting, and the effects of the radio frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted by these devices on the reproductive systems are currently under debate. A 2012 review concluded that electromagnetic radiation decreases sperm count and motility and increases oxidative stress. A 2017 study found that self-reported mobile phone use was not related to semen quality, and that carrying a mobile phone in the pants pocket was not related to semen quality.


From the above points we can conclude that we cannot say anything for sure. We can neither confirm or deny (with Secretary’s approval) about the effects of Electromagnetic radiation on the Human body. There is simply not enough research in this area and the results of the available research are varied. More research which is carried out using the right methodology, right techniques and equipment is needed for definitive proof on this subject.

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