Experiment 4 – Spherical Hysterical


To talk about all the questions that go to waste, those which get neglected during our (high priced, time consuming) education. To change the way subjects are taught.

Previous Knowledge

The education system kills the only instinct that has been gifted to human kind alone: the instinct of asking questions. When we look up we ask “Why do stars twinkle?”, when we look straight we ask “Is the earth flat?”, when we look down we ask “Where is my food?”.

If great minds who came before us hadn’t asked these questions, we’d probably all still be farmers and traders.


  1. Question everything. Every prerequisite, every assumption and every fact.
  2. Find answers.
  3. Find the best way possible to explain a topic. And make it interesting.
  4. Explain it


The only thing that hinders creativity is the fear of being wrong. – Sir Ken Robinson